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Welcome to our Force One Australia web site where we intend to help provide an understanding of suction excavation technology, the range of vehicles available and their possible applications together with outlining our services of sales and operated vehicle hire.


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Suction excavation in simple terms allows the use of a suction excavator, also referred to as a vacuum tanker or vacuum lorry, to operate and excavate material around buried services or utilities including gas, electric, water, telecoms and fibre-optics by removing the soil, earth or other material covering the services by means of high volume air flow.


Force One Australia – Why you should use us


We are the only hire service in Australia who also have experience of operating these type machines.

Our management team have been involved with suction technology since 2004 in parts of Australia and the UK.


Suction/Vacuum Excavator Image Gallery


Take a look at our library of images to see the type of projects that this non-destructive digging method has been used for across a huge array of projects.

You will see that this technology can be applied not only to safely dig trenches and trial holes but also across many other applications that could benefit from suction/vacuum excavators and vacuum and high powered airflow systems in general.


Non-Destructive Digging Video Clips


Take a look at our video clips of our non-destructive digging methods using suction/vacuum excavation. They provide a good example of the performance and versatility of our fleet of suction/vacuum excavators in action.

These video clips show the latest no-dig technology where high powered air-flow is used to remove, excavate and extract material.

If you think our machines could be of use, contact our friendly team who will answer all of your questions and if required, arrange a site visit or an onsite demonstration.




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